Riding Shotgun by Terry Schmidbauer
Riding Shotgun, a photo by Terry Schmidbauer on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
We were making our way from Santa Rosa, CA to Yosemite Valley and it didn’t make sense to stop every couple of minutes to snap a photo so I just started taking shots from the passenger seat while we were moving. It was a fun little exercise that got me thinking fast while trying to anticipate a shot. If I missed something there was no going back so I kept my eye in the viewfinder. When something I liked came into view, I pressed the shutter release and started looking for the next shot. At first the images were pretty average but once I got into a rhythm I actually captured some interesting images.

I’ll be posting some of the more successful images in the coming days. I’ll start with this one because it starts to tell the story of the trip. This was taken while driving thru the Sonoma Valley. During our trip, we tried as much as possible to stay off of the interstate and drive the secondary highways. This made the travel times longer but we were able stop anytime we needed either to take a photo or walk the dogs. And it was a just a better way to view this beautiful part of the country we were traveling thru. Everywhere on the interstate has the same general look no matter where you are in the country and you really only get a feeling for where you are when you get off and take a side road.