Milkweed Meadow by Terry Schmidbauer
Milkweed Meadow, a photo by Terry Schmidbauer on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
This is a testament to the power of a good exposure, a camera with good dynamic range and the Lightroom 4 development tools. I shot this in the late afternoon in the meadow at Yosemite Village. I was walking in the meadow and noticed my wife taking pictures of the milkweeds. As she took a break to take in her surroundings, I snapped a picture. The color version is not bad but looks too much like a snapshot. By converting to Black and White I was able to add the drama this image needed. I added multiple graduated filters to direct the eye toward the focal point. I then used the color sliders to darken the sky and lighten the grass. I finished with the brush tool to fine tune the details. I lighten some grass around the figure to give the illusion of light spot lighting in that area. I finished up by adding some definition to the s-curve in the pathway, which also helps bring the viewer’s eye to the focal point.