Portrait of a Surfer by Terry Schmidbauer
Portrait of a Surfer, a photo by Terry Schmidbauer on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
This is an environment portrait from my Surfer shoot in Tofino last week. The shoot didn’t go as well as planned but after some time away for the images, I think there’s a couple of keepers in there. Not as many I would have liked but I ended up with something.

This was an interesting exposure. Although it seemed rather dark, the meter was exposing at a pretty high shutter speed. Maybe the haze in the air was fooling the meter but I still came out with a pretty good exposure. Shooting in RAW and shooting at ISO 50 allowed me to bring up some of the details in the shadows and let me adjust the exposure without adding too much grain.

I toned this shot in post to add some separation between the land and sky. The original capture was almost the same color of grey which was a little flat. The toning also adds somewhat of a nostalgic feeling to this already moody image which I think works well. Overall, I’m happy with this image and maybe the best one of the shoot.