Midwifery Shoot by Terry Schmidbauer
Midwifery Shoot, a photo by Terry Schmidbauer on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
My favorite shot from the Midwifery shoot last night. The intent of this shoot was for stock photography so I left the open space at the top for an art director to place copy. I still think I need to cut down on the glare on the wall but I’m waiting for Cavan Images to review my submission. This is right out of the camera without any retouching. If it gets accepted, by Cavan, the retouching will be done in New York. If not, I’ll do the retouching myself and submit to Shutterstock and other microstock agencies.

Shooting for stock photography has really improved my photography skills and I’m getting many more images accepted into the stock agencies. My rejection rate is pretty low right now, maybe 4-5 %. I’m taking much better care when creating my images and paying particular attention to focus. Noise is still a problem but I’m finding ways to get more light into the camera.