The Spirit of Flight by Terry Schmidbauer
The Spirit of Flight, a photo by Terry Schmidbauer on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
I was going really far back in the way-back machine tonight and found this oldie but goodie. This was shot the day after my 49th birthday, wow! I’m calling it the “Spirit of Flight” because I discovered a photo contest by that same that I’ll be entering this in. I’m sure they are looking for something more along the line of pretty planes but I really like this image. The slight blue tone and high contrast give it a 60’s feeling but still remains contemporary. It actually has a timeless quality that I’m always in search of.

I shot this with my first DSLR but before I was really serios about my photography. I was really more interested in seeing the planes at this flyby but I was aware of the scene around me. So either I’ve always had a good sense of composition or I got really lucky because the compo rocks in this photo.

Arg!……After I checked the EXIF I discovered I shot this in auto, so I go lucky, so what 🙂