A Quiet Moment in a Wolf's Life. by Terry Schmidbauer
A Quiet Moment in a Wolf’s Life., a photo by Terry Schmidbauer on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
A Grey Wolf at Woodland Park Zoo captured with the classic “Beercan” Minolta 70-210mm f4 zoom lens. I was really drawn to the pose of this wolf. It has the feeling of a quiet moment in a wolf’s life and I like that. The forward ears add some alertness to the wolf and make the pose work.
This image also looks great as a B&W because of the incredible dynamic range and good exposure but I like the color too. Although I like this composition, the final printed image may end up being a vertical slice of the left side. But this is how I captured this image so I thought I would throw it up intact and in color and see how I feel about it after living with it for a while.