Mountain Quiet by Terry Schmidbauer
Mountain Quiet, a photo by Terry Schmidbauer on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
This quiet little composition was taken in Easton, WA on Saturday night. This is a mountain town on the East side of Snoqualmie Pass, elevation 2160 feet, population 438. Throughout the winter, groomed trails in the Easton area offer some of the best snowmobile adventures in the state. Looks like a fun little town!

I’m working with the feeling of twilight in the mountains on a winter night. In post process, I added a dark graduation on both the top and the bottom of the scene to create an inner glow. I’m using the contrast of warm and cool colors to create some dimension and help move the eye thru the scene. I lighten and saturated the reds and oranges to really push this contrast.

While working on the post processing, I try and keep a light hand. If there’s even a hint of post processing, the viewer will consider the entire image fake. It’s like special effects in the movies, if you can see it, you’re doing something wrong.