Marsh Panorama by Terry Schmidbauer
Marsh Panorama, a photo by Terry Schmidbauer on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
I wanted to get to the marsh early this morning but I was a little late getting up so I didn’t get there until the sun was pretty high in the sky. One of the best lessons I learned from my Project 365 was that a good photographer will find a way to get a good photo no matter what the conditions are. The time of day, weather and lighting conditions are all part of the moment and being able to capture something special about that moment is our goal as photographers. A good photographer will just make the best of any situation and create a stunning image.
This image is really meant to be viewed large. I shot this with the auto panorama scene setting on my camera. The user scans the field while the camera takes a series of photos and then combines them into one panorama. This takes a few seconds but the nice thing is that you are able to review your shots in the field and reshoot if you the shot didn’t work out the way you wanted it. I shot this a couple of times until I got it right.