The Stained Glass Trail by Terry Schmidbauer
The Stained Glass Trail, a photo by Terry Schmidbauer on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
This was taken at Lord Hill Regional Park on Saturday on a partly overcast day. I really liked the stained glass effect created by the framing of the trees so I set up in the middle of the trail to take a shot. I’m really enjoying my time in the viewfinder lately so I took my time and got everything just right. When I was ready I pressed the shutter release nice and slow like a sharp shooter squeezes the trigger on a rifle. I got one shot off and as I was reviewing the image in the viewfinder this person walked into my frame. Because I was already set up I took a couple more captures. When this person realized that he was in my frame he quickly ducked behind a tree but it was too late for him because he was already captured.