Dynamic Range in the Marsh by Terry Schmidbauer
Dynamic Range in the Marsh, a photo by Terry Schmidbauer on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
I actually posted this as a link to a forum post in dpreview about the dynamic range of the new A77. But I’m glad to see it’s gotten some attention here. This is the default process in Lightroom from a A77 RAW file. There is no noise reduction or enhancements whatsoever done to this image other than how Lightroom normally processes a RAW file.

The DR is quite amazing in the image, IMHO. But what’s truly amazing (for me) about this image was that I was able to get this in one shot. Because of the OLED I was able to look right into the sun and frame my image, dial in the correct exposure in real time and just freeze the image in the viewfinder by pressing the shutter button.

This RAW file is really going to be a joy to work with in Lightroom. I’ve shot similar images in the last couple of weeks with my A500 but it was a struggle to get the image I wanted. With an image like this I can see myself processing it in a number of different ways and the biggest decision is going to be which one is best.

The more I shoot with this camera, the better it gets.