Sun Flairs are Cool! by Terry Schmidbauer
Sun Flairs are Cool!, a photo by Terry Schmidbauer on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
This is one of the first photos from my new Sony A77. This was only the second day of shooting with it but I’m really impressed, I really like this camera!
This is not the most exciting image but there are some things that are noteworthy here. First, I love shooting sun flairs and this camera makes it really easy to do. Because the viewfinder is digital, there’s no danger in going blind from looking right into the sun. This makes it really easy to get the exact shot you want without squinting. Second, also relates to the viewfinder, this camera will change the way I shoot. This is a true WYSIWYG viewfinder. You make all of the exposure decisions with your eye in the viewfinder and when you press the shutter button, the image is captured exactly as you saw it. This allows me to get everything correct in the camera and as an added bonus it allows me to shoot JPEGs. Being able to shoot great quality JPEGs opens up a whole new area of creative camera controls and this camera has a lot of cool ones. Lastly this camera has a built in GPS so you should be able to see where this image was shot. That’s not anything earth shattering but it’s a great way to catalog images and it’s cool.