Bright Fog in the Marsh by Terry Schmidbauer
Bright Fog in the Marsh, a photo by Terry Schmidbauer on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
As I was leaving the house this morning I noticed that there was some sun between the trees. I turned around and grabbed the camera off my desk and planned to make a quick stop at the marsh to try and capture a foggy morning shot.
A huge reward awaited me. As I pulled into the lot I saw the marsh totally socked in with fog but it was only 30 feet high. That meant bright fog and it was just what I’ve been waiting for.
The sun was burning off fog quickly so I had to work fast. I knew where I wanted to shoot so I made my way to the center of the marsh. I experimented with a couple different vantage points along the way but settled on shooting toward the sun for a cinematic effect.
The cinematic effect works particularly well in this shot. It has a kind of haunting quality to it but is still feels bright and cheery. It’s a nice contrast of moods and one I haven’t worked with before.