A Meaningless Experiment by Terry Schmidbauer
A Meaningless Experiment, a photo by Terry Schmidbauer on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
I found a book on HDR at Border’s Books going out of business sale today for 60% off. I read the first couple of chapters and found it somewhat interesting. I’d like to just say that I’ve never liked any HDR images I’ve seen because they look contrived, unnatural and lack any kind of soul. But this book seem to have some promise because of the author’s attitude toward make good images and not just getting caught up in the technical aspects of HDR.
As with anything if you do too much, it will turn out bad. That’s what I dislike mostly about the HDR images I’ve seen, just too much of that HDR look. So I’m going to experiment with HDR in a way that it was originally intended and that’s to capture a very large dynamic range for an image so you have the most latitude possible while edited it. There’s nothing that says you have to use all of the dynamic range in the final image but it available to you while developing gives you so many more options.
This was a shot I took from my front yard looking into the living room. Most of the outside light was coming from the street light so it was pretty dark. The light inside was normal indoor lighting. Seemed like a good start for an HDR image because of the contrast. I was able to get more detail throughout the image because I had 6 exposures to work with…..and I didn’t let the process take control of the image. It’s kind of a meaningless image but it’s an experiment.