Guilty Bystanders #18 by Terry Schmidbauer
Guilty Bystanders #18, a photo by Terry Schmidbauer on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
This low tide photo is from July on my trip to the Olympic Peninsula at the Salt Creek Recreation Area. The lens is a Vivatar 135mm 2.8 circa 1968. It’s a screw mount, M42, lens that I attach to my DSLR with an adapter. It’s totally manual but it’s a nice way to slow down and concentrate on what you’re shooting.
Right after I shot this I slipped on some kelp and fell on the rocks. It really hurt my hand and the camera took a bounce but everything turned out OK. It was a good thing I had the old metal lens attached because it took most of the impact with only a couple of scratches. If I would have had a newer lens it would have been totaled.
I really like the 135mm and I’m thinking of getting something more modern, like a Zeiss 135mm 1.4 which is as good as it gets! But I have a problem spending a lot of money on a Sony mount because of their lack of commitment to their full frame cameras. I’m torn between buying better lenses for the Sony or moving up to a Canon 5D Mk II.